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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How does Cardinal Ivy Prep guarantee my admission into the college or university of my choice?

- Answer: Cardinal Ivy Prep guarantees that all of our clients whom we serve will have their level of confidence increased as they are mentored and guided through the college admissions process, especially as you formulate your applications towards your preferred schools. Cardinal Ivy Prep will never guarantee any college admission, but we are very serious about the fact that our philosophy and mentoring model will get our clients closer towards being admitted towards the school of their choice, than those who do not utilize our model and tailored services. 

  • Why does College Ivy Prep's trademark mantra state that 'Optimism plus Community plus Mentorship equals Success'? 

- Answer: (Smile) Because it is true. Optimism within a community collective based upon mentorship will bring success. Cardinal Ivy Prep focuses on the confidence within our clients which is readily achieved within and from this character blend. 

  • What makes Cardinal Ivy Prep in the U.S. so very different from the many other college preparatory consulting groups?​​

- Answer: Cardinal Ivy Prep is sincerely focused on a more integrated formula of optimism, community and mentorship. Whereas, other college prep organizations focus on a more dry and rote method of college application preparation or focusing on the 'tricks' to "get in", Cardinal Ivy Prep knows that a strong college application is based upon a more confident person with exceptional leadership skills and a rounded personality. Cardinal Ivy Prep has a model which is focused on advising college-bound students on how to achieve these attributes in advance of writing their college application. 



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