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Our Packages & Rates

Change Your Life

$200 per 2-Hour Session:
Sunday Morning Power Session

  • 2-Hour Sunday Morning Power Session includes introduction into college entry strategic understandings and goals. 

  • Includes membership and community written exercises and online collective conversation on strategies towards a more confident and successful application and submission. 

$250 per 1.5 Hours of a Tailored Personal and Individualized Meeting 

  • Complete 1-on-1 Meeting on customized college entry advice and SAT/ACT testing prep. 

  • Includes a customized plan of preparing the college application and written strategies for future college success. 

Custom Pricing - Email to Learn More

  • The Cardinal Ivy Full Membership Package.

  • All Sunday Morning Power Sessions for 6 Months Are Included. 

  • 4 In-Person Meetings per Month for 6 Months. 

  • A 6-Month Program fully bespoke and personalized to the client's consulting needs including all proofreading, editing of college application. 

  • Includes personalized SAT/ACT Testing Assistance throughout the 6-Month period.  

  • Email: to set up a meeting to create your customized college entry plan. 

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